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Airport Reviews - Choose the Best Airport

To write a review, an opinion or a comment about a specific airport, or to look up reviews for a specific airport, you should browse theWorld Airport Directory.

Latest Airport Reviews & Traveller Opinions

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Panama City Tocumen International Airport
27 December 2017Jean-Paul Molgat

Some signs that you dont care about passengers:

You dedicate massive amounts if space to higj end retail, and there are line-ups for the crammed and dilapidated washrooms.

The pricing of food is predatory. 2 coffees and 2 hot chocolates cost $16.20 USD. This is gouging customers for using the facility.

Cordoning off departure areas one hour before a flight and forcing the rest of the passengers out into other areas to wait for their flights? This is ridiculous. First time Ive ever seen this.

If you want people to plan their flights to connect through Tocumen, you need to do a better job of treating them like customers, not easy prey. Last time I come through your airport, if I can avoid it. Cant wait to get out of here.

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Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport
26 December 2017Guest

My husband and son had a disgusting experience when they picked up their luggages at Otopeni; the bag had the front pockets pulled off, in rush obviously so the cheap person working there wouldn't be caught stealing 😬, and they had their medications stolen; asthma, cholesterol, pain/congestion etc. My son was in big pain all the way to their accommodation because of this! Shame on you!

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Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport
11 November 2017J Walls

Casablanca is by far the worst airport I have ever travelled through. We waited almost 1 hour to go through security. The staff were not organized and had a dreadful attitude to customers.

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Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport
13 October 2017Sugianto

Am surprised that till now nobody actually raised how stupid and inefficient is the design of the airport on the pick up flow. And people can actually live with this. I stop flying Garuda simply because of the terminal 3. I hope they realise this and fix the pick up flow.

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Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport
02 October 2017SAWSAN

ONE of the worst airports i have been too... stuff not helpful at all ,if u have the chance to fly through another airport i strongly recommend doing so it was so hard to find someone to help u ,they looked at me and turn there face i was so in a harry it was realy bad

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Ashgabat Airport
25 September 2017Guest

Extremely rude staff with no customer service skills or manners!
I don't expect to be treated with such disrespect after spending money to visit the country!
I was appalled and would never recommend my friends or family to use this airport!
Absolutely disgusting behaviour!

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Skopje Alexander the Great Airport
08 September 2017Guest

This airport has not changed its treatment of travelers. I've used this airport several times throughout 15 years and each time they just get ruder. The staff at check in were almost hostile. They refused to speak English because i was born there and the said that I should speak the language. But I was 3 years old when I moved to the US (46 years ago). They all pretty much have a chip on their shoulder and are ready for a fight. No "thank you's" or " have a nice day" from anyone. Just horrible behavior.

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Dominica Douglas-Charles Airport
11 August 2017Michael Nisbeth

Terrible airport all of its employees are very rude and treat you as if they are doing you a favor and not there job

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Reykjavik Keflavik International Airport
01 August 2017Guest

Dangerously overcrowded. We had to leave Iceland through this airport on a Monday evening at the end of July. There were many, many people sitting on the floor in the hallways because there were no where near enough chairs. In the gate areas, the hallway was absolutely packed with people, wall to wall. If there had been an incident, many people would have been trampled and possibly killed. I can't believe that this situation is ok with the Iceland's authorities. There are too many international flights coming through this very small airport, and yet Icelandair is advertising their desire for people flying to Europe to have layovers in Iceland. There are not even enough gates for the number of planes waiting to be boarded. We had to be jammed onto a bus to take us to our plane. Even stupid little things, like having to present your boarding pass in order to purchase food in the main concourse, made the situation stressful and completely uncomfortable. This airport must be making a lot of money, given the number of passengers they are putting through it. How about spending ta little of that money to make the place at least somewhat comfortable for your customers?

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Singapore Changi Airport
15 July 2017Guest

We had a horrible experience entering Singapore at Changi Airport. How is this place the number one airport in the world? The people working there were rude, the air conditioner did not seem to be working, every passport line was back up to the far back wall. There are many airports in Europe than handle more people quicker than here. The passport room is poorly designed. There are two rows of counters. However, there is NO way to access the second row. The second row counter is waving to you but the person in the front row completely blocks you from entering. WTF! So what happens is a security officer will randomly choose people on the outside lines to fill in the second row. NOT FAIR! Of course there is no way of knowing this until you are up in the front row. There is nothing that makes waiting in a long line worse than knowing that others are arbitrarily allowed to cut far ahead in line. How is it fair that some wait 10 minutes while others wait 2 hours? Yes, there is a garden and decorations, and our Crowne Plaza experience was nice. But who cares after such a crappy introduction to Singapore.

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Wellington International Airport
29 May 2017Geoff

Fantastic airport experience. Really nice.

- New expanded terminal including enhancements to the International precinct.
- New multi storey car park (transport hub)
- New on airport top quality hotel under construction
- New Air traffic control tower opening in Sept 17
- Excellent bus connections
- Close to CBD
- Great art decoration
- Good views of field from terminal

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Jeddah King Abdulaziz International Airport
18 May 2017Guest

The worst airport and the worst staff, nobody works for guests, they just have bull shit attitude

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Kuala Lumpur International Airport
22 April 2017Kenny Lieu

The immigration line is chaotic. The authorities here need to have some kind of control. This is horrible.

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Lombok International Airport
06 March 2017Wombat

It is a huge disappointment that after spending so much money on this airport they cannot even afford to provide decent toilet facilities!!! The locks on the doors are broken, everything is chipped and looks dirty, no decent method of drying your hands - really???? Is this the best that can be done by the management of this "international airport" - it is a completely disgusting. They need to spend money on the facility immediately.

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Georgetown Owen Roberts International Airport
24 February 2017Guest

We vacationed in Grand Cayman for the Christmas holiday. All of the buildings date back to the 50s. Every aspect of this airport needs to be updated. The bathrooms are inadequate; the gate seating is terrible; the duty-free kiosks and shops are all scrunched together with no order and not easy to move around in especially if the airport is crowded; the computer systems are arcane; the gate staff is disorganized and rude. The right hand didnt know what the left hand was doing. And the screening personnel were beyond rude. Terrible attitudes and a bit full of themselves. The British government needs to spend a few pounds and modernize these facilities since these islands are British-owned territories.

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Hurghada International Airport
09 February 2017Guest

1) if there is many people who need assistance there is not enough people to help us
2) the wheelchair are in very bad conditions !
3) there is only some small one and I need a LARGE one
4) Most of them do not have inflated tires
I hope that with your fantastic new Airport you will be some NEW WHEELCHAIR !
I really regret that there is no more small shops ! now there is only some expansive shops
We are coming in Hughada 2x/year in EASTER and OCTOBER and hope that for our next trip middle of april
you will have some nice and new wheelchairs !
christine from GENEVA SWITERLAND

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Kolkata Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport
25 January 2017Dr Saibal Guha

The international airport bathroom was very unclean and is need for immediate cleaning and upkeep! It is a shame that this airport's cleanliness is not upto the mark, compared to other similar airports in India and overseas!! The trolley wheels were broken. The staff never smiled!! It seemed to me that no one was happy to welcome international travellers to Kolkata!! Might need looking at these aspects to make this airport come to some standards.

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Shanghai Pudong International Airport
20 January 2017E Makarov

Me and my wife were going to Europe from New Zealand with a transfer at Pudong and it turned out to be a bad choice for me. Of course the airport is big and shiny, and I must give it to them -- passport control and security people are professionals. But when it comes to the human factor, such as interpreting the rules and caring about others, I'd say it's the worst.

When checking my luggage, I was told that I cannot carry my guitar into cabin and that I have to put it as check-in because the soft case was "too big".. despite the general rule for musical instruments and that it was allowed on (!) CHINA eastern when flying from NZ. I had two check-in bags already (same for my wife), and didn't want to pay 200USD for an extra one, so I've decided to put the guitar out, fill the case with some of the contents of one of my bags, and throw the bag out with the rest of the stuff. I wrapped the guitar in some of my clothes, but the manager told me it was "still too big" even though its base fit into the 2 dimensions given for checking (he said it was "too tall", weird logic).. so I had to take everything off and play the game of pretend.

Finally, I cannot say the overall weight of the plane decreased substantially -- 3 to 5 kilograms at most. I'm also sure they had an extra storage in the plane -- I used the cupboard couple of times before, when overhead lockers were full. Still, I had to carry the wrapped guitar by the griff, jacket hanging on one of my hands and another item which was quite flat and wide so it was stuck in the X-ray at security and we forgot about it since we had too much on us already. I tried to call lost&found of this terminal afterwards, but they said they haven't found it, even though I can hardly imagine how such a big piece can go missing.

For that I'd like to thank the manager at the counter who made me sweat for an hour while re-packing my bags. I guess some representatives of this culture enjoy playing with their power, so to all of you decent folk out there -- please be careful and aware.

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Dhaka Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport
16 January 2017Guest

the services and the staff are unfriendly and the police is also unfair from the public this is unfair from people and the tourist come from other country. also the people and staff from the airport expect money from the people to just tell something on their duty to do it but they dont

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Berlin Schonefeld Airport
17 December 2016Guest

Dreadful experience from start to finish. Long narrow corridors with stairs and no lifts or escalators. Train station a very long outside walk. Ticket machines at station impossible to decipher, platforms bleak and exposed. Train about 1/3 normal length and required capacity, over crowding worse than London commuting in rush hour, no spaces for luggage. At departure same problem with stairs, hardly any seating, poor restaurants, access to gate blocked by other passengers. In comparison London Stanstead is travellers paradise.

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Austin Bergstrom International Airport
15 December 2016Jay

Have travelled all over the world. Arrival baggage services are among the worst I have ever experienced. Horribly slow

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Windhoek Hosea Kutako International Airport
01 October 2016Ryno

Poorly trained security and passport control staff. Arrogant and abuse of power.

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Enfidha-Hammamet International Airport
04 September 2016Guest

The best airport in north Africa, no need to make the tail for a long period during check-in, luxurious ... recommend it to every body.

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Orlando International Airport
27 August 2016Guest

Very poor signage for such a big and cumbersome airport to navigate. TSA Pre lines are 50 yards from regular lines (?) Except for some (not all) TSA employees, everyone treats you as if they are forced to, from several SouthWest employees (I am an A-List) to others around. If they can't handle the public, they need to find themselves another job. I travel to 200 clinics in 21 states. I have yet to find an airport in the US that is this bad in service. Only good thing is you have plenty of food choices.

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Istanbul Ataturk Airport
11 August 2016chris knibbs

The MOST unhelpful airport EVER !
My Tanzanian friend was denied boarding a flight to Manchester UK . The Turkish Official said that his documents were not ADEQUATE ! My Friend was abandoned , no help , no explanation , the Official repeatedly shouted ' DON'T TALK '
NOBODY at the airport helped my friend.
My friend decided after several hours , stuck in a foreign airport , No money , no food , no drink .... to cause a fuss with the airport police , They FINALLY helped by organising a flight back to Tanzania , using my friend's return ticket ,
He felt like a CRIMINAL , put on a return flight , NO FOOD or DRINK .
Officials at Dar Es Salaam airport could NOT understand why my friend's documents were classed as INADEQUATE !?
Passport OK
Indefinite Visa to Remain in UK OK
My friend borrowed money , purchased another return ticket Dar Es Salaam to Manchester UK
2 days later with SAME DOCUMENTS Used ETIHAD Airline avoiding Ataturk Airport , arrived in Manchester NO PROBLEM !!
$950 in debt
A lot of Stress
I have written to the airport and Airline , All they say is that my friend's Documents were NOT adequate !!
And they hope we use their airline again ... HAHAHA They Don't Care !


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