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Airport Reviews - Choose the Best Airport

To write a review, an opinion or a comment about a specific airport, or to look up reviews for a specific airport, you should browse the†World Airport Directory.

Latest Airport Reviews & Traveller Opinions

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Chittagong Shah Amanat International Airport
22 May 2016Guest

We had arrived there on 5th of April 2016 around 9AM. The Airport is in bad condition.
The airport toilets are very dirty. You feel to vomit in the toilet area. Flies are all around. The passport control representatives are very cruel. They do not treat people like human. The custom officers are digester.
I felt they are assigned to make people scared to take their goods or money as majority numbers of people are coming from Middle East and working as a labor. People are treated as pest. I saw many people were begging to give their cigarette cartoons as it is taken by the custom officers.
Alcoholic drinks are taken out and explanation was given that alcohol is prohibited in the country. It is treated as smuggling product. Explained was given by the highest authority of the shift who was sitting in the office.
However, during my vacation I found that many things are available in the country on home delivery basis. From the curiosity, I have watched few documentaries on you tube videos posted by the famous local tv channels and was shocked to see the result. I have complained about a lady custom officer for her rude behavior, the senior officer answered me that she has started working from 4am and she is tried.
The most hilarious experience was on the departure. We couldnТt seat in the restaurant areas because of flies. Thousands of flies are there. The funniest thing was, a bird was flying close the lounge.
Anyway, people do not keep many things is mind for long if they are treated as human. The officers should be treating everyone as a guest.

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Lagos Murtala Muhammed International Airport
16 May 2016Guest

there is several agents at the airport who scam guest out of money and they take their iteniary and passports from the to demand money because they know that we need our passport in order to leave the country, this is wrong and this counry will never prosper if you allow your worker to keep doing things like this and security is no better

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Los Angeles International Airport
02 May 2016Guest

Worst airport ever it took nearly 2 hrs to get through security totally disorganised other passengers stressed and worried that they may miss their flight. The TSA staff are rude and aggressive they do nothing to prepare customers for the security process like other none USA airports do shambles avoid if possible

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London Luton Airport
21 February 2016Guest

A total rip off from the time you arrive. Awful unhelpful staff.

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Brussels South Charleroi Airport
08 February 2016Guest

Over-crowded, overpriced, unpleasant...

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Hanoi Noi Bai International Airport
03 February 2016michel paul

I just came back my home from Noi Bai airport. The first time in Vietnam, a terrible airport, change the flights, bad services ...

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Accra Kotoka International Airport
13 December 2015ellen b gordont

it was a nice airport i arrived on august l, 2015 and left nov 29,2015. everyone was nice understanding and helpful. accept on the plane. chris on delta was okay at first and then after i do not want to comment.

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Aarhus Airport
13 December 2015Guest

Small but very efficient airport with low stresslevel.

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Zadar Airport
25 October 2015Guest

Seating poor, duty free limited. Toilets need repairing. There is a charge for Wifi

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Marsa Alam International Airport
08 October 2015Guest

Nice little airport, so far not swamped by tourists. However...apparently the UK has demended that fluids are confiscated, hand luggage tested for explosives before boarding and the best bit, lighters are confiscated. However you are told you can buy one in the duty free which Is not true but a smoking area is kindly provided!! Confiscations were spotty so thankfully we had lighters to hand but the logic??? Beats me.HQTHO

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Hong Kong International Airport
04 October 2015Guest

One of busines international airport in Asia Pacific which has seen better days in its level of service quality and effectiveness!

I am a frequent traveller within Asia Pacific based in Hong Kong which has witness graduall deterioration on its service quality and effectiveness of its planning management. Perhaps it was the contribution of incrrease passensger flow from its parent country but seems approach to all matter are "Passive" and "Systematically Robotic"... losing its human touch which is critical in service....hope it does shake up or likely be replace by nearby competition from China!

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New York John F. Kennedy International Airport
19 September 2015John David

Avoid JFK Airport
Arriving international passengers with connecting flights will require 3 hours to safely make connection.
Passport inspection required 45 minutes wait. TSA security was a 1 hour wait. Confusing information about departure terminal. One agent said terminal 2, while another said terminal 4. Terminal 4 was correct for us.
Easy to see why TSA should be privatized. 1 inspection line open with over 100 people waiting and no TSA concern that people were missing their flights because of this lack of efficiency.

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Rhodes Diagoras International Airport
13 September 2015mickidiver

Terrible, worse than a '4th' world airport. Everything is broken, from the check in desks to the disgusting toilets.

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Guayaquil Jose Joaquin de Olmedo International Airport
07 September 2015elizabeth d

I had the pleasure to go to Guayaquil and visit my family, and I must say that the airport is extremely clean and nice stores too, where you can buy typical souvenirs, chocolates drinks etc.
That is in the area for departure, however in the area of arrival, the day that I arrived there were two flights that arrived at the same time, however the immigration officers were only 5 working despite there were 13 cabins in total, which delayed a lot the exit of the passengers, my arrival was at 5:30 pm and I did not leave the airport until 7:00 pm, I believe they should be more people working when there are more than one flight, just a comment on that for better customer service.

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Mykonos Island National Airport
07 September 2015Rudi

Avoid this airport if you can.
When arriving at Mykonos airport the 1st August, and a Saturday, in the peak of the holiday season, 3 flights were leaving at the same time and only 2 check-in desks were open. It took 2.5 hours to check in one luggage. No effort has been made to speed up the process. There was not a single information screen or announcement to tell about delays and no staff was visible. The checked-in bags security is made manually by the passenger and you need to go through the other queues. It's very messy and disorganized. The departure lounge is small and very crowded. Boarding was painfully slow, more than 45 minutes to board an Airbus 320. Our flight was delayed 2 hours simply to allow private jets to land and our plane was not supplied with water. The service provided by the airport is unacceptable. Mykonos has been a popular destination for decades but their airport is below any acceptable standards.

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Seoul Incheon International Airport
24 August 2015DW

Yes, it used to be one of the best airports in the world.
Unfortunately it has taken a MAJOR hit recently as it simply cannot cope with the increased number of passengers.
The short line ups for immigration/security that used to be a feature of Incheon are gone!!! Now are horrendous long line ups and a surprising level of disorganisation in their immigration system.
When there's line up's taking 45 minutes....why are not all the immigration lanes staffed???
Ok they blame the influx of Chinese visitors in recent years but this is a poor excuse - the airport has to manage it.
One additional point - there are no security/immigration lanes for business/first class passengers. Strange!
Very sad to see an airport which I have complimented before becoming so bad. It is VERY VERY frustrating to travel in this airport now.
Management - please note and do something about it, it's in your power!!!

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Dammam King Fahd International Airport
16 August 2015Praveen Raj

Dear Sir,
Last week, I got back to Saudi via Dammam Airport. I have to say they have improved a lot in the last couple of years. The queue at the customs was managed excellently. Maybe the baggage service was slow a bit but otherwise everything finished so quickly. Thanks to the Airport authorities. Keep up the good work!

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Cheboksary Airport
09 August 2015"Lidiya Ivanovna"

I used Cheboksary aeroport twice and i have a quite negative experience.

The first time the handle of my rolling suitcase got broken during transportation of the luggage and I never received any refund after submitting a declaration about it. The suitcase was ruined as i could not roll it. And nobody ever contacted me.

The second time happened on 2 august 2015, Utair airlines, flight 7.30am from Cheboksary to Moscow. I checked in my luggage I asked to put a label of fragility on my suitcase and the suitcase of my boyfriend. We had some glass in our luggage. They sticked something on only my suitcase and said to bring both suitcases to the Customs to check luggage in and that they would arrange fragile part of our suitcases. Apperantly you have to do it yourself which is fine. My family was waiting for us back to say bye and spent an 1 hour before the boarding outside as we were too early. We went to the Customs hall (5 meters away from the check in area) and gave our suitcases saying that they should transport it as fragile luggage and put relevant labels on both suitcases. Does it seem to be a simple request? Looks like that. But no. The answer of one woman was "what does it matter? Nobody will look if your luggage is fragile". I kindly said that it matters to me and I would like both suitcase to be transported as fragile. The answer of the same woman was "do it yourself but you have to go through Customs first and we won't let you out".. (because I already mentioned to them before that we only want to drop suitcases and go back to my waiting family). That was absurd! Simple request to transport your luggage as fragile turns into begging. You are standing there looking at these 3 lazy people who dont want to do their jobs and treat customers like this! Of course I told them that i have to go back to checkin area to see my family and cannot go through customs to put labels that they would give me on my suitcases. The answer from "that woman" was that either i put that fragile label myself either they dont move a finger. I got really annoyed and asked them to give my suitcases back, so i can go back to the checkin desk and arrange myself. The answer was NO. I tried to ask for the name of "that woman" but her nice colleagues didn't give her away. I heard somebody called her "Lidiya Ivanovna". If you know this unhappy woman working in Customs area of the Cheboksary aeroport, please help her to find the other job! This is really not a nice experience when people do not do their job well and irritate customers.

Kind regards,
Crappy treated customer on August 2, 2015.

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Munich Airport
02 August 2015Chris A

Can't believe that an airport can be so horrible .
Arrived at Munich airport to grab a connecting flight,
The line for immigration was long and VERY SLOW , the immigration officers were more interested in talking to each other than doing their jobs. Finally it's our turn, and after telling them that we we to catch our flight within 20 minutes this seamed to slow them down. After proceeding from immigration,I was singled out for a spot check ( presumable because I spoke out about the lax way the officers were doing their job) this took a couple of minutes.
We ran to our lounge which was a fair way from the immigration entry point ,only to be told that the gangway was closed and we had missed our flight. We went to the Lufthansa desk and explained the situation and were put on the next flight to our destination . No fault of ours and no extra charges to be put on another flight. This put all our plans back, hotels, cars, etc. in this age one would not expect such useless service from an airport and it's staff. Overall not a good impression given by this place

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Noumea La Tontouta International Airport
16 July 2015Guest from Sydney

The airport was modern, clean and very organised. We arrived in the morning from Noumea for our international flight and Staff were friendly and service was quick. No fuss about a bit of excess carry-on luggage, and everything run smoothly. We had a very decent breakfast in a spacious section of the airport. The queue to the departure gates and customs was a bit long and there was a happy crowd near the ice cream and craft shops.

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London Heathrow Airport
06 July 2015Guest

It was a wonderful experience. From the beginning to the end.... It gave us a chance to enjoy ourselves from the very start. and the terminal and the departure lounges and the flight, everything was amazing.

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Kigali International Airport
28 June 2015Sheila helen

Airport security extremely unhelpful. My daughter laptop and money was stolen. When she asked security for assistance as they were there, they pretended not to know English. And yet I know they spoke English as I have heard them several times. I will not be using that hub again.

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Dublin Airport
26 June 2015Guest

came home from Scotland recently and thought the plane had made a navigational error.The passport control in Terminal 1 reminded me of Istanbul. Spent 20 minutes in appalling conditions before a civilian controller examined my passport and seemed to be counting the hairs on my head, this after barking at me to move back from wife. As an Irish citizen travelling within the common travel area I should not have been subject to passport control and certainly not the "gestapo" scrutiny applied. It was not personal as eveeryone was getting the same treatment, hence the delay. So if you are looking for Ireland of the welcomes dont go near Dublin Airport.

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Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport
17 May 2015Guest

Absolutely the worst airport in the world! There are too many reasons to list, take it from a veteran traveler that is as bad as it will ever get. If you have to transfer to a different terminal forget it - there is no transit bus, getting a taxi takes over 1 hour, and the traffic even on Sunday is at a standstill. Airport staff are rude and useless. There is no organization. Long lines everywhere.

I waited over an hour to get into Terminal 3, just inside the main terminal at 3 am to clear security. In the newly renovated Terminal 1 they have no line control so the check in lines are 100 people long Ц its amazing. Terminal 4 has no air conditioning so try and imagine 700 people cramped in a space with seating for 300 and no air conditioning! Everyone was soaking wet by the time we got on the airplane. At Terminal 2 there is not taxi stand and the taxi drivers refuse to put on the meter.

Avoid this airport at all costs.

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Manchester Airport
29 March 2015Two dancers

Will never again travel through Manchester. No signs for car rentals at term 2. Arrived at 6.30am after overnight flight from US-no signage for car rentals - Only coffee shop open and no-one was any help with directions-had to walk for 10 mins outside in the cold to find the bus to car rental village!!. On leaving, car rental did not give any maps or directions. Returning was even worse-no signposts-no help-Budget car rental does not offer shuttle to hotel-had to wait for shuttle to airport and then pay for taxi to hotel. This airport does nothing to encourage travellers. On departure were herded like cattle through the duty free area before we could reach our gate. Overall a dreadful experience.

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Airports 26 - 50 of 123
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