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Airport Reviews - Choose the Best Airport

To write a review, an opinion or a comment about a specific airport, or to look up reviews for a specific airport, you should browse the World Airport Directory.

Latest Airport Reviews & Traveller Opinions

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Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
27 October 2014Guest

over-rated,and not friendly staff either.

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Caracas Simon Bolivar International Airport
22 October 2014PAULO VIANA


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Chania Daskalogiannis International Airport
19 September 2014Guest

The worst airport it has ever been my mis pleasure to visit. We arrived two hours before flying and spent one and a half hours queuing to check in and pass through security - there were no orderly systems in place and the staff clearly didn't care about the comfort of passengers. The airport facilities are pathetic and it clearly cannot cope with the number of passengers passing through and needs a thorough expansion programme. We will never visit Crete again after this awful experience!

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Kansas City International Airport
12 September 2014Ian wallace

Kansas City international, once a thriving hub for TWA, is a shambles now. The airport claims to be undertaking renovations, remodels & repairs, but in 2 visits 12 months apart I saw absolutely zero improvements. The gate area (52) us the WORST passenger gate area I have EVER seen. There is ZERO pax amenities beyond security, no RESTROOMS, no food, not even a water fountain. You are a prisoner until you are allowed to board. Pray your flight isn't late. The gate spaces a terribly cramped considering the vast amount of unused space.
In my opinion this is the end result of allowing a failing municipal government takes over an important public facility and runs it into the ground. Do not connect in KC if you can avoid it. Pressure city leaders to fix their mess NOW

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Aruba Reina Beatrix Airport
11 August 2014Guest

Much improved over the old terminal. Check the Customs line before you hang out too long in the duty free area. An hour to get through the line isn't unheard of. Once in the gate area, there are few food options and they are all basic. Still that seems to get better each year. There are plenty of car rental options at the airport and cabs are plentiful. Baggage return is pretty slow. If you have preferred status, do know the priority tab on your luggage tag apparently means nothing to the baggage handlers. Your on vacation, don't sweat it. If you have an unlocked cell phone, you can get a SIM card at a booth in the outer lobby for $20. This will give you something like 50 minutes of calling to the US, unlimited incoming calls and unlimited local calls on the island. There is a duty free shop in the baggage claim area with good prices so you can make good use of your time waiting for luggage. Good prices but only 1liter per person. Aruba is awesome!

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Rome Leonardo da Vinci - Fiumicino Airport
04 August 2014name

The airport is very big.Our bags arrived at the convenyor before the estimated time.In the departure,the line for bag drop was long.Security and the passport control were fast.A lot of expensive shopping.The airport is unclean.

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Pittsburgh International Airport
03 August 2014jr

Overall, PIT is a good airport. Given that it was built for much higher traffic, everything is far under capacity.

However, the Delta flight from Paris continues to be very inconvenient and the process of arrival is designed in a very stupid manner; after our first time on this flight, we decided not to do it again but we broke down because there was a rare deal on this route. One would think that PIT's only flight to Europe would be outstanding. It is excellent to CDG. Upon return, one goes through customs and immigration as expected but then stupidity gets inserted into the process.

The idiotic design flaw is that one must recheck bags and go through security in order to LEAVE THE AIRPORT. This is standard procedure for connecting flights but not if your final destination is PIT. I have traveled numerous airports on three continents regularly and never seen anything as stupid as this process. Third world countries do better. Imagine you purchased some duty free booze in CDG Paris. You cannot bring them through security and they need to be placed into your baggage. Our first time on this flight, we were not told to put the liquor into our bags. Several people forfeited very expensive wine because they already checked their bags. They do a better job of warning passengers now.

Additionally, Delta seems to have some problems with baggage. We rechecked three bags after clearing customs for pickup at the baggage claim so we could leave the airport. One bag arrived fairly promptly, about 20 minutes after checking it. The other two bags showed up more than 45 minutes after the first. All were deposited on the conveyer belt at the same time. They only had to move the bags from the gate to the "landside terminal". Delta told me that they have three flights arriving very close together and there are only so many baggage handlers. These three flights all came in on schedule. They knew the planes and passengers would arrive - no mystery regarding the required tasks.

The international arrival area was designed when security was far more lax than it is now however there are solutions. Why not run buses? European & Asian airports are always loading passengers into buses. Why not move the international gate to the "land side terminal"? It is simply not worth the trouble to get a direct flight. We intend on driving to another airport to do international flights or simply connecting. PIT management and facilities are not competent to handle international flights.

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Miami International Airport
23 July 2014Summer Sanders

If you're looking for a small, quiet, and unstressful airport, this may not be the place for you. However, it's quite lively and filled with some of the most interesting people in the world.

Miami travelers often have people going to South America. Something to do before leaving for your trip is to visit the Entrusters site and you can earn extra money while traveling.

Entrusters is the new way of budget travel and meeting new friends or locals.

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Copenhagen Kastrup Airport
15 July 2014sean young

I have finished Baltic cruises on June 25, 2014, this airport is the worst airport in Northern Europe, it has no clear sign for boarding and small little sign for luggage claim, it is over commercialize and feel like to walk in to a shopping mall- no waiting area and no chair. and worst no chair and passengers have to sit on the floor, if you want to spend high price drink of junk food than you can buy it from vendor and gain a seat to sit. we have to search and go to some remote alleyway to claim my luggage. the male custom agent is ass that we bought tax free perfume from Princess cruises and was in my wife's handbag, he order to empty the hangbag and confiscated two expensive perfumes bottles-because ovre 100 ml and it is liguid, you think the expensive perfume will sale a big bottle? can he read or smell and including my male cologne was taken, this poor stinked agent must need the deordant and a gift for boy friend and he can have it without pay for.
we are flight SAS -SK909 from Copenhagen to NJ, after check in that we send to C20 gate are to wait for entrance to boarding area- we wait from 10AM till 11:45 AM at small waiting area of 20' x40'-only 3 chairs, most of people have to sit on floor for 1 1/2 hour before let us through to boarding, and no staff care of some eldery passengers concern.
please stay away from this fancy name airport- it is disgust and out dated hole, still stay frozen in viking stone age, save aggravation through this worst airport!

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Singapore Changi Airport
24 June 2014Guest

Best in the world, never feels crowded.. Plenty of seats and bathrooms, even if sq is going down the airport is still great

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Doha Hamad International Airport
24 June 2014Guest

No clear signs, new terminal!!! Lack of seats overall looks pretty cheap and under-designed..

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Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport
04 June 2014Guest

I use this place quite often for my work, the souvenirs are vastly overpriced, the common trick in the food outlets is to claim they have no change and they will bring it to your table soon, but it never arrives (make sure you take lots of change). The duty free is expensive and hardly worth it, all in all it's pretty poor but hey nobody gives a crap who work there, try not to expect the experience to be smooth and you won't have a blood pressure issue. it will make the worst airport you have ever used seem great.

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Moscow Domodedovo Airport
29 May 2014Guest

Good airport. Like it! Very nice.

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Amman Queen Alia International Airport
16 May 2014Guest

I am writing from Canada and I must say I am deeply disappointed in the service that I have received. I have tried calling several different numbers and they are out of service!!! From a professional stand point i do not see this as being customer friendly or customer helpful! I also see this as very unprofessional.

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Rabat Sale Airport
08 May 2014elga

Best Airport in Morocco, it's more better than Casablanca, quick security check, a good terminal facilities, a nice restaurant in the terminal 1, i give this airport 5/5.

the bus shuttle to city center near train station is just 2 euro (20 MAD) , very cheap.
i loove this airport, i recommend

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Nice Cote d'Azur Airport
25 April 2014Guest_21 Apr 2014

Very bad experience. Had done electronic check-in. When my family and I passed fr om the desk no paper copies of the boarding passes were give (although I asked for them). We were stopped at the hand-baggage control wh ere we were treated with arrogance and humiliation (even my 3-year old son). I have a hip-replacement and I was asked several times (by the same person) to show them again and again my electronic boarding pass. Things became much worse when we tried to communicate in English. Nobody bothered to say a word in English althought they perfectly well understood the language! To all this I add the complete chaos in the waiting lines (people jumping across lines, no control at all...
Awful experience (not for the first time in this airport...).

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Inverness Airport
23 April 2014RDM

A great wee airport although security is often a little over zealous

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Faro Airport
21 April 2014Guest from the Netherlands

We were more then 2 hours early to the airport and still almost missed our plane. Checking in went very fast, but we waited for over 1.5 hour for security. There were about 300 people waiting in a very hot area. Security changed the line constantly, so people who came later were through security earlier then others who waited for over 2 hours. People became very mad because they almost missed their plane. Security did not seem to care. Staff were very slow. There are about 8 passages, they used only 3. The shops behind customs did not have any customers, because no passenger had the time. An awful experience. Security should realise that if they continue this behaviour the economy of this area will suffer. I will never fly again from Faro. I read many more complaints about this AirPort on the internet. I can not imagine eht nothing is done about it.

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Newquay Cornwall Airport
30 March 2014Guest

Newquay airport is good for flights other than the Skybus to the Isles of Scilly, for which it is poor. We have used both St Just and Newquay and the contrast is stark. The staff at St Just are welcoming, friendly and keep customers fully informed about delays etc. In our experience, the staff at Newquay are unwelcoming and do not communicate with Skybus passengers. Last week we all had to rely on other passengers to be told what was going on. Our luggage was checked in but not taken so we sat with it in front of the staff ( there are only a small number of passengers and a 15kg baggage allowance) for nearly 5 hours as the flight was delayed. Nevertheless , when the first and only flight was ready to board, all of us had to have our baggage re- weighed and re- ticketed - very slowly, having been told to hurry as the pilot was anxious to leave. Then passengers have to run the gamut of airport security. We travel frequently all over the world and the security and officiousness at Newquay for the IoS domestic flight is greater than in almost all international airports that we have visited. On reflection, it is the extremely officious attitude of the staff ( we counted 5 dealing with 15 passengers who do not have cabin baggage) that makes the experience unpleasant rather than reassuring. Again, no staff were in departures to give us information after the safety video and when they did arrive, angered passengers by their lack of communication. Last year we attributed problems to teething difficulties as flights to IoS from Newquay were increased due to the demise of the helicopter service. However, things have not improved so we will use St Just. Sadly, Skybus has a total monopoly on travel to IoS so there is no commercial imperative for them to bring pressure on Newquay airport to improve.

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Abu Dhabi International Airport
13 February 2014Guest

Terrible. Very slow security check-in. Was in a queue for 1 hour that didn't move

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Ulaanbaatar Chinggis Khaan International Airport
16 December 2013Guest

This is a TERRIBLE Airport. No Restaurant with any edible food, no pharmacy. Very dirty toilets with no paper. The duty free shops are totally overpriced, everything costs actually much MORE than in regular stores. Staff hardly speaks any English and they are VERY unfriendly. There are no information desks and everyone of the staff just says: "I don't know"

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Frankfurt Airport
22 November 2013Guest

Sometimes you are asked to get off the airplane on the tarmac and take a bus to the airport add to that the security check .
If you have a connection flight you may miss the flight , i had to run to be in my other flight because in addition to the previous reasons a had to go from one side of the airport to the other .
Thanks .

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Lisbon Portela Airport
27 September 2013Oz Traveller 13

This airport is modern and mostly a good airport. However WIFI is hit and miss plus they have no pay-to-use internet booths which was annoying. We flew out of Lisbon and had to pass border control on non EU passport. The line was ridiculously long and resulted in us missing our flight so suggest getting their early to avoid such problems

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Portland International Airport
22 September 2013Guest

Portland Int'l is by far one of the most pleasant of "smaller" major airports. Even though it's not a major hub to any one airline, there is considerable service by Delta, United, Alaska, and southeast. You can fly to almost any major airport in the country non stop from Portland. The Terminal is relatively small, very easy to navigate, yet offers a wide variety of food and shopping choices, both inside and outside of security. Best of all, there is no tax, and the airport forbids unfair marking up of goods bought inside the airport. That is, if you buy a bottle of wine or a book, you'll pay the same price as you would anywhere else. Wall to wall carpeting and plenty of windows make it a cheerful and soothing environment. If your travels take you through Portland, you should enjoy yourself!

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Lyon Saint Exupery Airport
14 September 2013Guest

Lyon Terminal 3 is an absolutely awful airport. Staff horrible, no seating, endless queues. I will never return to Lyon because the experience of passing through the airport is soo bad. Pity, because Lyon is a nice city.

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Airports 51 - 75 of 117
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