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To write a review, an opinion or a comment about a specific airport, or to look up reviews for a specific airport, you should browse the World Airport Directory.

Latest Airport Reviews & Traveller Opinions

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Washington Dulles International Airport
26 December 2012Guest

Every time I've flown out of Dulles, I've flown late (If I've flown at all, had a flight cancelled on me). There's only one terminal but that doesn't mean there's an easy time getting to the gates, lots of stairs, escalators, shuttles, etc. The waiting areas are overcrowded, noisy, and humid, and there's some kind of affirmative action policy for announcers who can't speak clearly. Wifi is slow and spotty.

But the Five Guys is pretty good.

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Stockholm Arlanda Airport
20 November 2012Daniel

Terrific airport! Clean toilets, service-minded staff, easy to navigate through and not too big (although it's not small either. It's perfect). Flight info are broadcasted through speakers whenever something important is to happen or already has happened, such as boarding, delayed flights, cancelled flights and arrivals so everybody knows what's happening.

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Nuuk Airport
15 November 2012Guest

Small and boring airport, you cannot do anything else than sit

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Samara Kurumoch Airport
11 August 2012Guest

The worst place I have ever been! People who work there have no idea what customer service is. The rudest and meanest people you can ever meet. I am not afraid to say that they HATE foreigners. Please, read my review and think if you plan to travel through this airport. I am going to write a complain to the international travel agency and advice them to make some kind of inspection of the service and staff of this airport. I don't want to change my opinion about Russia and Russian people in general, but based on my experience with the staff of THIS airport, and how unhuman their actions and statements were, I would ask other foreigners to think twice before entering this place. People forgot that they should stay professional and at least human in any kind of situations. And as airport staff - take care of their passengers. But my comment can't change those people. I hope it can help people who consider travelling through this airport.

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Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport
15 July 2012Burronisimo

On june14th @ 3:30 am; I arrived at colombo airport, to join a group of six other passengers, waiting on the gulf air check in counter, which was closed . Departure was scheduled for 5.00am, waited til 9.00 am; and no one showed up. According to customs representative, seats were re booked to others on first come, first serve basis , effectively cancelling out those passengers who were already waiting. Rendering itineraries useless. and forcing me to re purchase another return ticket to the USA Baggage was lost for 30 days, returned destroyed thereafter , only to be dumped in thrash; all three locks were broken and contents lost.

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Lome Tokoin Airport
27 June 2012H.Gashaw

You have a wonderful airport but you need to plan for additional runway as it seems that yu have only one.

Keep up the good work!!!

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Gabala Airport
01 June 2012Gulnara Hajiyeva

It 's great honor for us to be among your passengers. The opening of such airports not only makes travelling faster and safer but also provides good job opportunities for local people.

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Ostend-Bruges International Airport
14 May 2012TRAVELLER007


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Vientiane Wattay International Airport
24 April 2012Guest

Nice airport and everything. Just bad luggage "security", they cheat and demand money even if your clean. They take you to the security for no real reason. Just demanding money and let you go. Not nice, no other airport security does that.

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Maseru Moshoeshoe I International Airport
23 April 2012Guest Mantjanyana Ntja

There is no airport there,it looks so terribly old and dirty.
the service is poor.

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Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport
02 March 2012Eric

Absolutely the worst international airport I've been in. And that says a lot. Right up there on a par with Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Dirty, dark and disheveled. Lousy layout, poor service, abominable food choices. No reasonable passenger lounge area that doesn't look like a holdover from the 60s.

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Milwaukee General Mitchell International Airport
26 February 2012Guest

Small airport which is easy to navigate. Until recently, if you purchased beverages prior to security, you better finish them before security, because that was your last chance to purchase food and beverages. However, with the construction of the new terminal and some remodeling, there are now opportunities to eat and shop after the security checkpoint.

They recently (2/2012) had to shut down an entire runway due to jet fuel leakage in an underground supply main. Jet fuel leaked into a nearby stream.

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Punta Cana International Airport
06 February 2012Guest

We had a flight to leave back to canada from punta cana airport and we locked are suit cases and sent them to check in. We got on are plane then the plane was broken so we had the get are bags and go to a hotle near by with are travel company provided us. While waiting in line to check in at the hotel this guy came down and said he was robed from his bag at the airport . So all of us waiting in line to check in opened are bags and notice are jewellery and souvenirs and perfume and bridal wear was missing. I am a lady and i found some men shoes in my suit case. This is unfair i mean even are souvenirs for are friends and family back home were suppose to say look at the beautiful stuff they make with there special stone. But we had nothing to bring pack but a negative review about the airport...
im so upset about this and im not the only only home once we got back to the airport we told them and they said its not are fault stuff happens..!!!
so at that point we all got upset and a girl told us to raise are hand if we were robed and im not kidding but almost half the guest had there hands up. some people didn't even want to check because they had some
valuables they brought.
i knew not to bring anything expensive but we bought expensive souvenirs and now they are all gone.
if you go here look at all the nice jewellery and sunglasses the staff wears.
if u go keep no expensive items in your bag even looks don't stop them they just brake it off anyways.
the only time i didn't have a eye on my bag it was robed i was so carful the whole trip, then you give it to the airport which is suppose to have high security cant even keep an eye on are suit case.
imagine what goes though that airport then.
we were worried they may put drugs or something our bag and we would get in trouble when we got back to are home country.

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Brunei International Airport
29 January 2012Franklin Loo

After i transit in Brunei International Airport on 12th & 15th January 2012 to/from Bangkok, i was a bit speechless. After seeing Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Changi International Airport & Suvarnabhumi International Airport, i would suggest that it is time that Brunei should "REFURBISH" its airport. As i know, Brunei is such a Rich country and should have "The State of the Art" airport to show to the world. It is also to introduced Brunei internationally. Maybe Brunei should considered change its name to Brunei International BOUTIQUE Airport and build a modern facilities and attract more airlines for transit and connecting flights.

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Tarawa Bonriki International Airport
20 January 2012Guest

im sorry but that airport does not look safe at all. its sad when the airplanes look like a string should be attached and a little boy should be swinging it in his front yard!

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Rotterdam The Hague Airport
17 November 2011Guest

Very good airport, good service.

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Montpellier Mediterranee Airport
14 August 2011Guest

Be careful at this airport. The security make their own rules. They took my tomato spread (100ml glass) saying that everything above 99ml was not allowed, which is not true. I complained and someone else from the security told me that all spreads including Nutella were forbidden, regardless of the size of the glass. She couldn't tell me why. I did not get my tomato spread back and the airport service center did not reply to my emails. I'm very disappointed by their service.

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Enugu Akanu Ibiam International Airport
24 June

This airport is dream come through for international businessmen.

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Elista Airport
17 December 2010Guest

Only 3 flights per week. No one english speaking. No information when flights are late or cancelled (it happens quite often in winter)

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Bengaluru International Airport
29 November 2010ISHFAQ AHMAD BHAT


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Honolulu International Airport
18 October 2010Guest

Honolulu International is a cement dark building with poor lighting on checkin side. However improvements have been made on air side. Very few eating establishments on airside. Very nice garden area in the shape of a V. V ramp provides a nice open viewing area. The airport is open concept. The domestic terminal does require a great deal of work to enhance its appearance. Very dark, carpeting requires replacement. I ve been travelling in and out of this airport since the early 70's. Signage is a problem as well as attitude of some of the staff.

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Vancouver International Airport
18 October 2010Guest

Vancouver is one of the most beautiful airports that I have ever had the pleasure of flying in and out of. Lovely art work and the staff are extremely friendly and helpful. Good services both airside and check in. Very clean. Customs US and Canadaian very professional.

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