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Dhaka Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport Reviews

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16 January 2017 Guest
the services and the staff are unfriendly and the police is also unfair from the public this is unfair from people and the tourist come from other country. also the people and staff from the airport expect money from the people to just tell something on their duty to do it but they dont
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14 October 2016 Tanmoy Barman
Dhaka Airport is one of the worst airport I have been to. I had to send more than 10 hours in transit at the airport and it was a nightmare. The airport is far below international standards. The behavior of the airport staff is very bad. The worst part for a transit passenger is that the airport shops will take only taka and there is no place to drink water. The toilets are very dirty. There is no place to charge your laptop or mobile phone in the airport. There was always delay in boarding and the authorities if asked had no clue about the whereabouts. The terminal cooling system is also not upto the mark. There is no wifi facility in the airport. There is only one restaurant in the airport name Spices where the waiters have a very arrogant attitude.
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28 September 2016 Guest
Very very horrible, horrific to tell you the truth, im a single woman departing from dhaka to Manchester. Firstly they make u stand 3/4 hours outside the airport only letting in a couple at a time and your standing in 30* degrees heat and only 1 entrance and thousands of people waiting to get in with trolleys and luggage.the ignorance attitude that i got from the staff was disgusting i was getting late for my flight but not 1 staff was willing to listen i was there for 4 hours and when i made it to the entrance i had to run because there was only 1 hour left for my flight. But because of their ignorance they closed the gates after telling them several times i was outside for hours your staff are not letting me in they weren't willing to listen. I tried to speak to the Emirates counter staff but 1st of all they couldn't even speak in English they just fobbed me off from 1 person to another. 1 security guy said to me the flight hasnt even boarded u can let her on but the staff started to diss each other in public. They asked me to wait till 10pm to see if i could rebook the flight but àlso demanded 300 quid. I feared for my safety am international airport approaching there customers like this is disgusting. They could hardly maintain a decent conversation out of them. I would never want to travel to dhaka ever again
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15 February 2015 Mohammed
Immigration officers have no communication skills, manners or understanding of customer service. They are absolute disgrace. Just like the corrupt country and their politician. The country is beautiful but the staff and airport is a disgrace and does not do just to the Country. Shame on you
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17 February 2014 Mike C
I have had the bad luck of having to travel to Bangladesh twice, and as such have passed through this airport four times. I am aware there are worse airports in the world, but this is by far the worst I have every had to pass through personally. The immigration officers are extremely inefficient and always looking for a bribe, Many of the people seem to fail to grasp the concept of an orderly queue. Good luck trying to get a luggage trolley and then trying to get to the luggage carousel. Once again everyone crowds around one area, leaving access very difficult. I am lucky to have work organised transportation waiting for me once I have found my bags, but you will get harassed but the seemingly unregulated number of taxi drivers who wait just outside arrivals. If you don't look South Asian, get ready for ape-like stares from the Bangladeshi's, as if you were a zoo exhibit.
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04 February 2014 Mikael
The immigration at this airport is extremely slow and inefficient, on average taking around 10 mins per passenger! Since this is an international airport one would expect a certain standard of facilities and service but none exists. I went to visit the toilet and came running out, some of the toilets were broken and some not cleaned for God knows how long. The doors were missing locks and the smell just out of this world!!! First time visitors to Bangladesh will not be at all impressed and you know what they said about first impressions! A reviewer named Tamanna below must be blind and missing a nose to be loving the airport!!!
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Reviews 1 - 6 of 6
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