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Ninoy Aquino International Airport Reviews

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All reviews about Ninoy Aquino International Airport

07 March 2018 12:03:00 Zuzanna

Thats the worst airport i ever been too. Customer service both from security and airlines crew is non existent.
I flew from Heathrow and carried bottle of gin purchased there at duty free. Bottle was closed, i provided the bill and card which has been used to pay, yet still the bottle has been confiscated. The reason given- its not in the sealed bag but the problem is nowhere in Europe duty free bags are sealed!!!
Security officer rude beyond imagination, unprofessional and simply need to be either retrained or should not work with customers. Spoke at me rather than to me in their own language, so i had no idea what are they talking about, and it made me very anxious. Philippine airline representative not helpful at all. Was very apologetic, but in fact done nothing to help. Funny enough bottle of water and Lucozade didnt seem like an issue. On the way back from Bali i was unlucky enough to go through exactly this same airport and this time lighter has been confiscated from my partner, but not me. Such a double standards..

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17 May 2015 12:05:00 Guest

Absolutely the worst airport in the world! There are too many reasons to list, take it from a veteran traveler that is as bad as it will ever get. If you have to transfer to a different terminal forget it - there is no transit bus, getting a taxi takes over 1 hour, and the traffic even on Sunday is at a standstill. Airport staff are rude and useless. There is no organization. Long lines everywhere.

I waited over an hour to get into Terminal 3, just inside the main terminal at 3 am to clear security. In the newly renovated Terminal 1 they have no line control so the check in lines are 100 people long its amazing. Terminal 4 has no air conditioning so try and imagine 700 people cramped in a space with seating for 300 and no air conditioning! Everyone was soaking wet by the time we got on the airplane. At Terminal 2 there is not taxi stand and the taxi drivers refuse to put on the meter.

Avoid this airport at all costs.

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11 April 2014 12:04:00 peregrin mundi

AWFUL! avoid at all costs, seriously. I am a biz class traveler, on the road 4 months out of the year. If you have to make a connection thru this airport, it is entirely unwelcoming, really a nightmare. I am dreading a return trip in a week which connects there (wouldn't have traveled on Philippines airlines and will never do so again, but i didn't KNOW). Now you may be bearable just landing, but connecting thru this airport means going in and out of customs, carrying your luggage and re-checking, and you might end up in the terminal with NO vending machines, restaurants, just bad food carried in by vendors who take your orderawfulhot, inadequate seating. This is the waiting room to hell.and I LIKE the Philippines and the people there, warm and friendly! What happened? What moron built and is charge of this place?

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01 July 2013 12:07:00 Guest

after a 14 hour flight this airport can only be described as unwelcoming, i refer to the international terminal, hot , sticky, confusing when you collect your bags and try to find a friend who cannot enter the airport to greet you , no they have to wait over the fence. if you are lucky you will not get harassed for money from the guards who offer to look after your luggage while you visit the duty free store !
if you did not organise a hotel to pick you up and you have the address then turn left out of customs and get the ticketed taxi, it used to be fixed at about 600 peso, personally just organise the hotel to collect you, less hassle and if its a limo then the aircon will be working ! maybe !

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