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Frankfurt Airport

Country: Germany
Largest airport in Germany, main international hub of Lufthansa
Airport opening year: 1936
Local time GMT (winter/summer): +1/+2
Geographic coordinates:  Latitude (50.03), Longitude (8.57)
Location: 12 km (7.5 miles) southwest of the city centre of Frankfurt am Main
Number of terminals: 2
IATA code: FRA
Postal address: 60547 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Office phone number: +49 69 69 00
Flight information: +49 69 69 00
Fax number: +49 69 6907 0081
Based airlines: Avion Express, Condor Flugdienst, Lufthansa, Lufthansa CityLine, PrivatAir, SunExpress Germany

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Reviews & Opinions of Frankfurt Airport:

22 November 2013 Guest

Sometimes you are asked to get off the airplane on the tarmac and take a bus to the airport add to that the security check . If you have a connection flight you may miss the flight , i had to run to be in my other flight because in addition to the previous reasons a had to go from one side of the airport to the other . Thanks .

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Frankfurt Airports Discussion:

10 October 2017 Peter Somers

October 9 2017 I was detained at T2 departures security due to a false chemical alert on my hand luggage. The security guy was excellent, polite and reassuring and should be commended, but police took more than half an hour to arrive. I very nearly missed my BA flight to LHR.

12 December 2016 Guest

Initially I found Frankfurt Airport pleasant, efficient and large. The assistant at the check in machines was very cheerful, efficient and helpful. THe facilities are excellent but unfortunately the member of staff I encountered at the gate for flight LH916 was incredibly rude, unnecessarily so. After getting to the gate with plenty of time to spare the gate was empty and we sat on the available seats. Once the staff announced to show passport and boarding cards the rude, rude staff member told us to move for the children on the flight. (in the end there was one child on the entire flight) he then told my (adult) daughter off for "going the wrong way"to other seats. I got up to move, at this point I told him I was ill with cancer. Bearing in mind we had cleared check in, had obtained our boarding cards and gone through passport control they wanted to see them again, fair enough, but then we were called again and had to queue up once more, although other people seemed to be ushered through. I said to him "do I have to queue again?" and he very aggressively told me I could have sat there in the unmarked "priority seats". This was just not true. I really do try to live with my incurable cancer and do not see why I have to wear a sign on my forehead saying "ill" and be spoken to so aggressively. If he had any compassion he would not have made me move, then queue twice whilst others did not. So the cleanliness, efficiency and other staff were fine but no stars for this aggressive, rude and blatantly cruel member of staff

27 December 2014 Guest

In this airport, there are often security guards at the gate to check documents of arriving passengers from certain destinations!!! Those guards are the most racist filthy bastards and bitches you will ever see in your life. There were dirty ugly deformed people. They bark like dogs. Not surprising, because they were raised like animals so they act like animals. Their job is to stop people and check their documents. Of course, the only people were stopped were non-white. They asked the stupidest questions I have ever heard and they never ever say excuse me or thank you because they believe that you dont deserve to be thanked. What a heinous creatures!! Every single time I been into Frankfort airport I have seen this and every time I had to stop and observe them from distant and I always see them with this disgusting attitudes. They have absolutely no shame at all discriminating against others in front of public. Filthy disgusting racist bastards!! Who you Germans think yourselves are?? do you think you are better than others?? you are in fact less than all nations of the world. Remember the history when Russia invaded Germany in WW2, all women from 8 to 80 were raped, two millions were born as a result, this means that you Germans are nothing more than the decedents of the Russian rapists. You are a bunch of subhumans. If you know this then why you think you are better than others while in fact your are lower than all other nations. When I went to catch my connected flight there were three security checks and of course the only people who were checked, asked questions, not thanked are non-white. The employees have absolutely no shame at all doing this!!! It is so disturbing that an educated person have to deal with these filthy rude creatures. I hate everything related to their culture and in the past three years I have never bought any german product and I will never do. Everyone should despises Germans and their culture and boycott their products. Lets teach these creatures a lesson and show them who they really are. They are the lowest, filthiest despicable nation in our universe!!

25 August 2013 Guest

Not new as Munich but still good.

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