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Punta Cana International Airport

Country: Dominican Republic
First private international airport in the world
Local time GMT (winter/summer): -4/-4
Geographic coordinates:  Latitude (18.57), Longitude (-68.36)
Number of terminals: 3
IATA code: PUJ

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Reviews & Opinions of Punta Cana International Airport:

06 February 2012 Guest

We had a flight to leave back to canada from punta cana airport and we locked are suit cases and sent them to check in. We got on are plane then the plane was broken so we had the get are bags and go to a hotle near by with are travel company provided us. While waiting in line to check in at the hotel this guy came down and said he was robed from his bag at the airport . So all of us waiting in line to check in opened are bags and notice are jewellery and souvenirs and perfume and bridal wear was missing. I am a lady and i found some men shoes in my suit case. This is unfair i mean even are souvenirs for are friends and family back home were suppose to say look at the beautiful stuff they make with there special stone. But we had nothing to bring pack but a negative review about the airport... im so upset about this and im not the only only home once we got back to the airport we told them and they said its not are fault stuff happens..!!! so at that point we all got upset and a girl told us to raise are hand if we were robed and im not kidding but almost half the guest had there hands up. some people didn't even want to check because they had some valuables they brought. i knew not to bring anything expensive but we bought expensive souvenirs and now they are all gone. if you go here look at all the nice jewellery and sunglasses the staff wears. if u go keep no expensive items in your bag even looks don't stop them they just brake it off anyways. the only time i didn't have a eye on my bag it was robed i was so carful the whole trip, then you give it to the airport which is suppose to have high security cant even keep an eye on are suit case. imagine what goes though that airport then. we were worried they may put drugs or something our bag and we would get in trouble when we got back to are home country.

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Punta Cana International Airports Discussion:

21 June 2016 Amber Beemon

I just got back fr om Punta Cana. I was traveling with my boyfriend, we were there for a week on vacation. I was selected for a "random security check." I went through security and they scanned my hands, apparently something showed up. They told me to have a seat. I asked what they were doing, and they said they were pulling my luggage to be searched. I was fine with this, knowing I had NOTHING in it. After 30 minutes I was escorted to a little room and asked for strip down for a search. I was completely searched by two women, who were asking me questions in Spanish, and could not understand me. The entire time I was completely naked while they poked and prodded me, and repeated they couldn't speak English. I asked for someone who spoke English, and they just kept saying they didn't understand. After this, I was lead back out to the waiting area, where I sat for an hour, they escorted me back to another room, where my suitcase was on a table. They had not even searched my luggage, yet, but had decided to strip search me, as well as pretty much do a cavity search or my person (digging in my mouth, telling me to bend over so they could see other areas, etc.). Mind you the entire time, NO ONE spoke English or could understand me, or at least they kept saying they couldn't speak English. Yet, they kept asking me questions. They searched my luggage, and found nothing, except for a bag of my prescription pills (blood pressure medicine, migraine prevention, and birth control, along with two bottles of vitamins.) After they packed everything back up, they sent me back out to wait.. My boyfriend and I were both asking them, how much longer this was going to take, because we had gotten to the airport three hours before our flight, and we were approaching the time our flight was about to leave. He kept telling them we were going to miss our flight, and they still told us nothing. They pulled me into a room again, this time with six people, one girl who spoke English. They asked me why I was in the country, where I worked, what my job was, how long I had been there, why I had all of the medicine in my bag, what they were for, and wh ere my prescription was (In the U.S. we give those to the pharmacist and they give us the bottles with our names on them.) I explained this. They kept for for another 20 minutes asking me the same questions over and over again. It was a horrendous experience. I kept asking them what they had found that had warranted them doing a strip search BEFORE checking my luggage that had obviously come up with nothing. And why it took them three hours to get me a person who spoke English. They eventually let me go, only to have to be escorted to our plane, which they did hold for us, due to they were holding me. The girl that spoke English finally said that my birth control had left something on my hands and they had set off an alarm. When we got to the states my boyfriend Googled what the machine was checking for, and apparently it checks for explosives? I still have no idea what they found or why they kept me for over three hours. I just know that I felt and do feel completely violated by the fact that I was strip searched and they touched my body, without even checking my luggage! It seems to me that would be the last effort, not the first! I had already been through the detectors and everything else. Our vacation was amazing, but this experience was awful.

10 March 2015 Not a happy camper won't go there again and warning others

My husband and I ate at the Wendy's yesterday in Punta Cana airport just before our flight home and I within hours of eating became very I'll all last night and today. Not only did we pay $20 for lunch but to have food poisoning is not fun. People can die from this. Something needs to be addressed as I have seen other reviews on sickness as well. Proper hand washing, proper quality control on food preparation and heating temperatures etc

18 October 2014 Guest

i am going to punta cana how long is custmon and security check do they open your suitcase going in and do they open your suitcase going out and how is your things safe please help

18 October 2014 Guest

Eileen : I got home from Punta Cana only to discover that my TSA approved lock had been broken and was missing, and the zippers of my luggage were clipped too. I appreciate having to do security checks but now I can't even lock my luggage and my expensive lock is missing! wow what if your suitcase is lock

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