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Reykjavik Keflavik International Airport

Country: Iceland
Main international airport in Iceland
Local time GMT (winter/summer): 0/0
Geographic coordinates:  Latitude (63.99), Longitude (-22.61)
Location: 3 km (2 miles) west of Keflavík and 50 km (31 miles) from Reykjavík
Number of terminals: 1
IATA code: KEF
Postal address: Keflavik International Airport Ltd. 235 Keflavikurflugvollur, Iceland
Office phone number: +354 425 60 00
Flight information: +354 425 07 77
Fax number: +354 425 60 10
Based airlines: Air Atlanta Icelandic, Air Iceland, Icelandair, Primera Air, WOW air

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Reviews & Opinions of Reykjavik Keflavik International Airport:

01 August 2017 Guest

Dangerously overcrowded. We had to leave Iceland through this airport on a Monday evening at the end of July. There were many, many people sitting on the floor in the hallways because there were no where near enough chairs. In the gate areas, the hallway was absolutely packed with people, wall to wall. If there had been an incident, many people would have been trampled and possibly killed. I can't believe that this situation is ok with the Iceland's authorities. There are too many international flights coming through this very small airport, and yet Icelandair is advertising their desire for people flying to Europe to have layovers in Iceland. There are not even enough gates for the number of planes waiting to be boarded. We had to be jammed onto a bus to take us to our plane. Even stupid little things, like having to present your boarding pass in order to purchase food in the main concourse, made the situation stressful and completely uncomfortable. This airport must be making a lot of money, given the number of passengers they are putting through it. How about spending ta little of that money to make the place at least somewhat comfortable for your customers?

05 July 2015 Cody

Worst airport I have ever traveled through. The security checkpoint was absolute HELL. The line stretched all the way through 2 mazes, down another long hallway, and then downstairs. They had to shut off the escalator that comes up from the check-in area because the line was stretching all the way down it! We had to wait in line for WELL OVER AN HOUR!! Children were crying, people were tired and grumbling, and everyone was worried about missing their flights. When we finally got to security, they had only 3 lanes open for all the thousands of travelers. All of the personnel were moving incredibly slowly, as if intentionally trying to ruin everyone's day. After finally passing through, I had to run through the airport to not miss my flight. Luckily my flight had to be delayed to wait for the a third of the passengers still stuck in security. Unfortunately that led to some people on the plane then missing their connecting flights and having their days ruined even more. Other smaller complaints: This security point was after already waiting 45 minutes in the check-in line, which had zero automated kiosks for those not checking in baggage. After the security point, you are forced to walk through not 1, but 2 duty free shops and a very long hallway to the terminals that are unnecessarily far away. In summary, the airport officials are showing an incredible LACK OF RESPECT FOR PASSENGERS! The solution is very easy: just have 4 or 5 security lanes instead of 3, and it will prevent the line from ever building up to gargantuan size. But no, they don't care about passengers. Past reviews on other sites show that this problem has been around for a long time.

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Reykjavik Keflavik International Airports Discussion:

31 January 2018 Guest

Left a suitcase by accident rang and rang and rang but NO answer!! Very unhelpful! Good job it was only a suitcase and not a suspicious bag!

01 August 2017 Guest

PS: I can't believe that this airport has a 4 star rating! Something is very wrong here!

Discussion of Reykjavik Keflavik International Airport

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