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Sydney Airport

Country: Australia
Largest airport in Australia, also known as Kingsford Smith Airport
Local time GMT (winter/summer): +10/+11
Geographic coordinates:  Latitude (-33.95), Longitude (151.18)
Location: 8 km (5 miles) south of Sydney
Number of terminals: 3
IATA code: SYD
Postal address: P.O. Box 63, Mascot, NSW 1460, Australia
Office phone number: +61 2 966 791 11
Flight information: +61 2 966 791 11
Fax number: +61 2 833 849 19
Based airlines: Aircruising Australia, Eastern Australia Airlines, Jetstar Airways, Qantas, Regional Express, Tigerair Australia, Virgin Australia

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Reviews & Opinions of Sydney Airport:

01 March 2015 Guest

Departure is a nightmare, queueing up for ages. Priority should be given to those whose flights are leaving first, but instead everyone's together getting grumpier by the minute. Terminal is very noisy and the toilets were disgusting.

16 October 2014 Jukka Makunen

Airport staff kept constantly sending us to wrong places and we nearly missed our flight. Upon arrival we had about 4 hours before flying to Melbourne. Because it was not apparent fr om any monitor or sign, we asked fr om the airport info wh ere we needed to go (showing the flight reservation & flight number). The staff sent us to Terminal 2 (domestic). Fortunately, I did ask about something else from the Jetstar staff in Terminal 2, because immediately the woman working for Jetstar told us that we were in the wrong terminal! So we needed to pay the bus again to go back to Terminal 1, the one that we just came from! That was like 20-30 AUD totally wasted and why isn't the airport internal bus between terminals free anyway? Also, the waiting times for the bus were fairly long both ways on this completely unnecessary "trip". At this point we still had some time, but when entering the departures, another airport staff member told us to go to the international passport control line. We were waving the tickets with the orange "D", telling that we're flying domestic and that there is a sign pointing us to a different, a very short line (like 5 minutes long). But the staff member told us everyone goes to the international line, which took about 2 hours to get through (the airport was crowded!). And when we finally got to hand our passports to the (very friendly) woman working for Border Protection, she asked why did we wait in this hellishly long line when we could've just gone to the short domestic line? She also said it was a very bad mistake from the airport staff to send us to the wrong passport line. After getting through the passport & security control, we had to run! Having originally had plenty of time to spare, about 4 hours, now we only made it to the flight because it was delayed by 30 minutes. The flight was already boarding as we finally made it to the gate and let me remind you, in this 4 hours, we had no time to do any shopping, eat or have coffee. It was all about the airport staff constantly sending us to the wrong places. There was still one incident wh ere a staff member sent us to the wrong direction, but fortunately we finally saw a sign pointing us another way and to the correct gate. The airport looks nice and is clean, but due to these incidents I find it very hard to recommend. We nearly missed our flight due to all the misinformation given by the airport staff and honestly, we were not happy about all this extra trouble that nearly caused us to miss our flight. On another note, some people may be also concerned about the so called "nude scanners". Yes, they have these at the Sydney airport and you may be randomly selected. While some people may be concerned about it seeing under your clothes, my personal concern is about the extra radiation dose these devices give you. So this may or may not be an issue to some travelers, I had to go through one and I would've preferred not to get that extra X-ray that is never healthy for anyone.

15 September 2011 Guest

Rude Security Customs & Immigration Officials

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Sydney Airports Discussion:

06 May 2018 Guest

Yep 2018 and still the rudest security customs and immigration staff in the workd!!! This tine around : Security staff snapped at me when the passport machine malfunctioned Its not my fault their technology is clunky In the end they waved me thru How do they get away with this? Condistently? Then same at scanning Hone Affairs website wont accept online comments and complaints Tells you sonethibg Have downliaded the 2005 Ombudsman report and wading through it still Sounds like accountability still has not been addressed since then. Bracing mysrlf for return journey

29 August 2015 Guest

A customs officer in transit was very rude in manner and incorrect comments this morning. I do understand the officialdom of airports but just being rude is unnecessary and designed to offend. She was also extremely heavy handed with my laptop. Place the thing back into the tray-don't throw it! Inconsistent with the scarves and jackets off.

13 May 2014 Guest

custom officers are outrageously rude, especially to overseas visitors. One lady's baggage accidentally dropped near an officer and he yelled at her before throwing his walkie talkie at the wall. Sarcastic and impatient especially to those who cannot speak english, felt like a concentration camp and did not feel welcomed at all.

03 May 2014 Guest

Rude immigration officer I ever seen!! I should get his name to loading the complain.. Being so racist!

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